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Increase your website’s conversion rate by connecting prospective renters with your current residents.
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Convert leads
Convert More Leads
Rentgrata Messenger introduces prospective renters to their peers – your current residents – to help convert more of your property’s website traffic into leases. Contact us below to learn how we generate leads with industry-leading conversion rates.
Are you an apartment renter?
Chat with Residents
Have you ever wanted to ask a current resident how they like the place? Now you can. Ask questions that are important to you and see what it’s like to live there from someone who does. When you sign a lease, both you and the resident you talked to have the opportunity to make referral money.
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Respond to prospects
Respond to Prospects
Sign up as a resident of your apartment community, sit back, and respond to questions from potential new neighbors. If they end up signing a lease, you make referral money. It’s free and takes seconds to get started.
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