“I wasn’t sure where I wanted to live until I talked to a resident on Rentgrata.”

“Rentgrata allows a prospective resident to go beyond ratings and reviews – it provides prospects the opportunity to ask questions of residents who are willing to share what they have experienced.”

“When our residents participate in a program like this, they feel like they’re giving back. They’re helping prospective residents become neighbors and maybe even friends, and that would potentially impact the resident’s propensity to renew their lease.”

Wendy Simpson

Wendy Simpson

Vice President of Marketing
Vantage Edgewood

Trusted by hundreds.

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You want your website to turn prospective residents from warm to hot. We add the fire and the fuel.

Rentgrata Messenger greets your prospective residents with a strong social validation signal. Renters think to themselves, “Wow - I can’t believe they let me talk to a real person who lives here!” Instantly, they gain trust. After hearing from a resident, prospective residents are engaged and ready to schedule a tour or submit an application.

92% of Rentgrata prospective residents said that speaking with a resident helped them overcome at least one concern they had about the community, which resulted in them applying.

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If you can copy and paste, you can install it.

Install Rengrata Messenger on your website and share it in emails, social media, or wherever else prospective residents find you.

Make life easier for your onsite teams.

Not only do we save onsite teams time with qualifying prospective residents, we’re also integrated with all of the top multi-family solutions for ease of use.

Understand performance and value, clear and simple.

How many prospective residents are talking to residents? How many of them are converting? What is the cost per lease? Get it from us, straight.

This is not a chat bot. These are real residents. Prospective residents love learning about their experiences.

Word-of-mouth drives more purchases than all other marketing channels. To your prospects, feedback from the leasing team is not as impactful as 1-on-1 feedback from your residents. 88% of Rentgrata users agreed, if the move again, they expect to be able to message a current resident of the apartment communities they consider.

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If I were deciding between two communities that offer the same amenities, same size apartment, same location, I would be willing to spend a little bit more in rent at the community that offers Rentgrata because for me, being able to talk to someone who lives there and receive honest feedback is way more important. It was nice to ask questions such as how’s parking, how’s maintenance, can you hear your neighbors… It gave a more human-to-human connection.



A resident at 465 North Park
1 bed • Commuter • Dog Owner

“It allows leasing teams to spend more time focusing on the day-to-day operations while their residents facilitate their own referrals.”

Kollin Paulsen - Marketing Manager of Waypoint Student Living

How do you know what renters want? With Rentgrata, they tell you.

Stop guessing what your ideal renters want and need. Using AI machine learning technology, Rentgrata extracts important details about what renters love and what they feel could be improved. These insights help our clients hone their marketing, leasing, and retention strategies.

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92% of renters say that they want to talk to a resident before they submit an application

500k+ messages sent between prospective residents and residents

88% of renters say talking to a resident 1-on-1 is more impactful than reading online reviews

Stop wasting time and losing prospective residents. Allow your residents to do the talking and learn what matters most to them.

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