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Aspire College Station

1 Bed - 5 Beds $499 - $1,299 /bed
Welcome to your home away from home at the newest high-rise student apartments to arrive in College Station. At Aspire College Station, you’ll enjoy a stylish and comfortable way of living located steps away from the A&M campus and Northgate District. Our prime location on University Drive can't be beat! Aspire to live an exceptional college lifestyle. Relax and unwind in our community spaces thoughtfully designed with the sophisticated student in mind. Enter a stress-free zone when you walk in the door of your new home, an inviting space with windows overlooking sweeping views of College Station. With features like built-in USB outlets, memory foam mattresses on each full-sized bed and a modern furniture package, you won’t want to live anywhere else! At the newest high-rise apartments in College Station, everything you need is at your fingertips. Equipped with endless modern and luxury amenities designed to elevate your lifestyle, you will never have to leave home to relax, workout or study with friends. If you have a furry friend, we've got you covered! We understand that your pets are part of your family, and that means finding a home that welcomes all of you. We welcome pets with treats and a clean pet park to play in. College Station is home to a vibrant scene full of students aspiring to live an exceptional lifestyle while attending college. Our location near the TAMU campus and Northgate District can’t be beat, so you can study and socialize with ease. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Available Units

711 University Dr, College Station, TX, United States

Chat with a Resident

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Sarah 4 Bed • Dog Owner • Likes Shopping, Pets, Nightlife, Nature and Coffee
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Davis 4 Bed
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Dean 4 Bed • Likes Travel, Pets, Nature and Cooking
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Sophia 4 Bed • Likes Nightlife, Nature, Cooking, Concerts and Art & Film
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Caitlin Likes Reading, Nature, Fitness, Cooking and Coffee
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Derek Likes Shopping, Concerts and Art & Film
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Zain Likes Travel, Cooking and Art & Film
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Matthew Likes Travel, Sports, Reading, Nightlife and Cooking
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Brenda 2 Bed • Dog Owner • Commuter • Likes Reading, Pets, Fitness and Cooking
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Sara Likes Sports, Shopping, Nightlife, Fitness and Coffee

Renters use Rentgrata to make referral money. If you chat with a resident and end up signing a lease at this property, you and that resident will both receive a discount off your rent for the amount shown. Go ahead and ask them how they like the place, how they like the neighborhood.. ask questions important to you!

If you have questions regarding price, lease terms, or scheduling a tour, please contact the property.

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